The Ups and Downs of Waterbeds

Many people think that waterbeds are novelty items, but they can in fact be a fabulous alternative to the regular beds that everyone buys. Waterbeds are typically made from a type of polyvinyl and have an extra layer of stretchable material on top of that for extra comfort.

The Ups


Due to the fact that the mattress is filled with water, it conforms to the shape of your body. There is no resistance either, which helps with unwanted pressure on a persons joints and helps to relax the spine muscles as well.

They are Relaxing

Lying on a soft side waterbed is often explained as feeling like the person is floating on waves, which in itself is a relaxing though. Feeling the water underneath you can actually help with falling asleep. It almost feels as though you are being massaged when you are on one of these beds.

Waterbeds can be Heated

It is possible to heat the water up, which is great for those cold winter nights. Many of the beds available have heating systems that can be adjusted to your specific needs. The heat helps with relaxing your muscles, which leads to a better nights sleep. The heat helps with pain relief, muscle tension and blood circulation.

Super for Allergies

There is no place for dust and dirt to settle because of the fact that there are no fibers in the mattress, only vinyl. It is mainly for this reason that a waterbed is perfect for people who suffer from allergies. They are easy to clean, which means that cleaning can be done very regularly and dust mites will have no chance of settling in.

The Downs

Bad Support

There is almost no support for your joints, even though these types of mattresses conform to the shape of your body. This lack of decent support could leave you with a stiff next or back pain.

Leaking Beds

A waterbed is made out of rather durable material, but it is not that difficult to puncture either. Should the mattress get punctured, it can cause damage to ceilings and floors if not caught in time. It is recommended that a plastic liner be used to minimize damage.

Funny Smells

Over the years, you might notice a strange smell. This is due to the vinyl that is used to make the mattress. It is possible that bacteria could start growing inside the mattress because of the moisture. If you find bacteria on the outside of your mattress, it can be wiped off, which is not the case if it develops inside the mattress.

Finding Sheets are Tricky

Most waterbeds are made up of a frame, with the mattress inside the frame and even though it looks great, it is very difficult to find sheets that fit. Waterbeds do not get made according to the standard sizes, which could become a problem when looking for sheets. You may have to alter your design theme according to which sheet you can find to fit your mattress.